Released December 27th 2014

Live at Park Theatre in Winnipeg

Live at Park Theatre in Winnipeg

Mobina Galore had tons of expectation placed upon them for their second release other than a demo. You could almost feel the buzz building in Winnipeg. I know I was excited, not only were these ladies kind and fun they Fing rocked the stage every time then came off like its the easiest thing in the world. 

So, how does it stack up? Well Winnipeg may have officially lost it! My facebook feed has been filled with praise for this album, probably more buzz than anything else released in the past year. Talk of friends playing air guitar while the album is on repeat, gushing and drooling. I really believe it deserves it too. A perfect mix of technical skill and fun pop punk. Some of the riffs sting with familiarity that still irks me in a music nerd kind of way but I think its just hella catchy. 

There are moments of pure 90s pop punk while remaining authentic to themselves and lyrics that match sentiments many people are experiencing today. I think there were a few souls looking to connect today's experiences with the happy and fun spirit of pop punk. Songs that reflect the struggle with accepting aging, "being okay", talking about feelings and break-up, while still getting you on your feet, dancing and pretending you know the words instantly. The only complaint I have so far is that it is too short. I have been trying to be more critical since I bought the album, I don't have any. I failed at being negative, I really wanted to find something too. Oh well, guess I'll just keep enjoying it. 

So go buy this album now, it will make your life better.