Last day of Movember! What better way to celebrate than talking to the Movember Foundation about men's health?? 

What a lovely interview with Prinz Grizzley, man that voice is going to be in my head all day now! Unique voice and beauty. 

Mannequin Pussy makes me happy, the band, not the thing! The super fun music not the weird ken doll part of a plastic figure..

Finally got Fire Next Time to talk about music, touring, eating vegan and so much more!

Taking time to really consider my questions, Nigel Barnes gave thoughtful and fun answers.

Let's change the pace of LP Hoopla for a day. I don't usually get into hip hop, but Winnipeg's own Abstract Artform has me bobbing my head. 

Food, animals and awesome music.. Faye has got it going on!

Watch out!! The Pack A.D. are coming for you! This power duo will rock your socks off... then play clue!!

A brief yet triumphant introduction to Altameda, because all the best alt-country is from Edmonton, right? 

I laughed out loud a bunch chatting with The Lamplighters, all while listening to some great punk rock. 

The Manges called me foreign! They also discussed punk rock, veganism and basically killed it! 

Newer punk bands in Winnipeg are killing it lately! Badpants will bring beer to your potluck and tell you all about Chernobyl wolves. 

Mansbridge tell some great stories and share some lovely tunes. 

These songs are going to be in my head for days! Ha ha now Handguns will do the same to you!

Switching it up up today and including veganism into the interviews! T.O.F.U. Magazine agreed to answer all my invasive questions about the new kickstarter, eating vegan and actually putting the thing together. 

Multiple stories about Tofu Green Curry and some good ol' pop punk with Such Gold!!

Photo Credit Vanessa Heins Review of The Dream Is Over - PUP

Photo Credit Vanessa Heins

Review of The Dream Is Over - PUP

Lucky me! Got to hear the new AJJ album The Bible 2. I have all of the thoughts but am also very concise. 

I use the words "giddy enthusiasm" in this review of The Dream Is Over by PUP, must be a fun one right? 

Muncie Girls have rocked my world. Find out why in my review of From Caplan To Belsize. 

Better late than never! Deafwish's Rock Trembath graciously agreed to attend Pouzza Fest this year and tell us all about it! Filled with poutine and pizza Rock took it by storm, with his last ounce of energy he wrote this review. 

Preview- Pouzza Fest in Montreal will be a blast, check out LP Hoopla's Must See List. 

Happy International Women's Day!! Let's celebrate with a lady filled listening party! AKA a review of some of the women I've been lucky enough to have on LP Hoopla. 

Not Scientists, Destroy to Rebuild - Great to have a fun album out, don't love the album title but I am pretty alright with the album. 


A huge loss for the world and the punk scene Erik Petersen (Mischief Brew) has passed away. Reposted an interview. 

After 12 years, Descendents announce new album, and release rocking single. 

A sad day in the punk rock community. Teenage Bottlerocket's drummer has passed away. 

EuroNews! Such Gold Announce huge tour. 

Winnipeg News! Ever wanted to hang out with KEN Mode, be in a music video or have drinks at the Handsome Daughter. Now's your chance. 

LP Hoopla Exclusive, live Mike Noegraf live video. In the mood for some soulful folk, here's your treat!

Stars release beautiful and playful video for No One is Lost and announce tour dates in Canada and the US. 


Just go for the treat today and devour this wonderful Just a Little Bite Tofu.

Yum!! Fried Okra has become one of my go to side pieces and it makes me so happy each time. 

Needed some comfort food and nothing hits the spot like Creamy Broccoli Soup. I feel all safe and warm now!

Obey that vegan craving! A creamy and crunchy Grilled Cheez Sandwich, yum!!

Man, I think I ate too fast. This Creamy Tomato Pasta is just too darn good!

Are you chilly but still want salad? This Fall Time! Edamame Salad will satisfy your needs in minutes. 

Back to basics with Salt and Pepper Tofu, crispy and tasty!!

It a little weird how much I like pasta on top of pizza, but soo sooooo good! Try for yourself with Mac n' Cheez Pizza. 

Is it fall???? I hope not but just in case I made some comforting Prairie Potato Soup. 

Broccoli and Pasta to Blow Your Mind, will do just that, have you chanting "I'm the best!!" You will always enjoy how it tastes. 

You've always wanted to make lettuce wraps right? Now you can make some delicious Yum Yum Tofu Wraps. 

Vegan pizza, pasta, etc... can taste like they are missing something. Luckily you can drizzle this Herb and Garlic Infused Oil all over it, and look so fancy in the process!!

Is it hot as Hell where you are too?? Well, cool off with this tasty and hearty Rice Noodle Summer Salad

I've sold out many times of LP Hot Sauce and so not everyone gets to try it. If you're feeling ambitious now you can make your own. If not come and buy some!! 

Going for gold with an easy peasy Kale Chip recipe. You can do this in like 30 minutes and impress everyone you know!